Lauren Day

Manager & Executive Hairstylist // Lozday

Instagram: @laurenday_rawedgehairdressing

I’m Lauren, I am the Salon Manager here at Raw Edge Hairdressing, I moved from the UK in 2016 and bring with me over 11 years of experience in the hairdressing industry.

I offer all aspects of hairdressing, although I specialise in colour and cutting.

I absolutely love making my clients look and feel amazing and knowing something I have created makes them feel this way gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Throughout my career I have attended several hairdressing courses and workshops to ensure I am up to date and current with all the new trends and even now after 11 years I am still constantly learning and evolving.

I am in the salon full-time from Tuesday to Saturday, however I do have a waiting list for new clients at the moment.

Elisa Haniver

Executive Hairstylist // Speed Queen

Instagram: @elisajade_rawedgehairdressing

Hey, I’m Elisa! I have been in the hairdressing industry since I was seventeen.

In this career I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of people’s special moments and I absolutely love styling and hair ups for any occasion!

One of the best parts of my job is being able to help clients in a transformation whether that be colouring or styling their hair and teaching them how to maintain the salon quality style at home.

I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing, and I’m a bit of an all-rounder. I was originally taught barbershop men’s cutting and also all aspects of women’s hairdressing but I absolutely love colour, watching a complete change in front of your eyes and seeing a client leave happy.

I have been lucky enough to work at Melbourne Fashion Week, and I have attended specialty cutting and barbering, and lots of colour workshops.

I am available in the salon every Wednesday Friday and Saturday, and I would love to look after you.

Lauren Bumbers

Senior Hairstylist // the Glama

Instagram: @labumba_rawedge

Hello, I’m Lauren! I have been in the hairdressing industry for over 5 years and wouldn’t change it for the world, I love my job!

I love a challenge, keeping up with trends, meeting new people, listening to their needs, building a rapport and going on a journey with them to accomplish a personalised style that suits them.

My specialty is blondes and blow waves, but as a Senior Hairstylist, I offer all colours, cutting and styling services. I am available from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

Looking forward to giving you great service from start to finish and spending time with you and your hair soon!

Jorja Ramia

Senior Hairstylist // Violet Crumble

Instagram: @jorja_rawedgehairdressing

Hello I’m jorja but you can call me J!

I have a very bubbly and fun personality and I’m always up for a chat and laugh!

My passion is hairdressing, and I love it here at Raw Edge!! I love to make people walk out of the salon loving themselves and looking amazing.

I specialise in colouring and love men’s cutting, but offer all services to men and women.

I am on the floor Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s. Come and see me and I promise you will LOVE yourself and me he he.

Kara Borracci

New Talent // little miss clumsy

Instagram: @kara.b_rawedgehairdressing

I am Kara, and I am a 3rd Year Apprentice here at Raw Edge Hairdressing.

I was lucky enough to be given this opportunity to work with this fun and vibrant team, and I have been full time here since the beginning of 2017. Even though I am almost qualified, I believe that you can never stop learning and growing, to bring new techniques and ideas back to my clients.

I first stepped foot into a salon and started my hairdressing career at the age of sixteen, and my passion for hairdressing has only grown since. I love colouring and styling the most, and I love a challenge like a colour correction.

You can book in with me Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, I really look forward to meeting you and creating beautiful hair.

D’Arcy Lane

New Talent // Slim Shady

Instagram: @darcyjohn_rawedge

Hi I’m D’Arcy and I am a third year apprentice (New Talent Hairstylist) here at Raw Edge.

I am very passionate about what I do. With a strong love for art and a keen eye for detail, I use hairdressing as my art form. Creating the perfect colour, sculpting the hair to establish a beautiful cut and styling the perfect blowout, is what I love to do for my wonderful clients. Put a pair of clippers in my hand and that’s when I’ll be in my element, my love for barbering grows each and every day.

I love encouraging big changes or evens subtle ones to make you feel and look better, but I’ll ensure that each step we take is gentle and with care so you feel comfortable!

I’m at the salon full-time from Wednesday to Saturday, and welcoming all new and existing clients.

Looking forward to meeting all of you x

Tayla Carnell

New Talent // Tubs

Instagram: @stylebytubs_rawedge_

Hey I’m Tayla, I am a young local chick, fun and full of confidence.

I found my calling in hairdressing through my love of creativity and passion for keeping up with the latest trends. Even though I am still in my apprenticeship, I can cut, style and colour confidently.

I am super passionate about my clients and making sure they receive the best services I can offer. Getting your hair done should always be a luxurious experience and I value all my clients to leave the salon feeling fresh and confident. My favourite thing about hairdressing would definitely have to be styling and cutting, I love using my creativity to give you an impressive new look.

I’m in the salon full time from Wednesday to Saturday, come in and say hello!

Courtney Smith

Rising Star // the Chatterbox

Instagram: @courtney_rawedgehairdressing

Hey guys, I am Courtney and I am the rising star of the salon!

I’m relatively new to the hairdressing industry, because I am currently in my first year of my apprenticeship, and I have found my calling here at Raw Edge.

You will most likely see me floating around the salon helping the stylist’s out, at the basins toning, shampooing, giving head massages or blow drying your hair!

My background in hairdressing may be small but I am constantly learning and growing my hairdressing knowledge with the guidance of the team.

I have plenty of experience in customer service and am here to do everything I can to make your time in the salon an experience you won’t forget. I can create an epic blowwave, basic styling like straight, wavy and curly, and I can give you a glossy global colour too.

I am at the salon full time from Tuesday to Saturday. I can’t wait to meet you if I haven’t already, and if I have, I can’t wait to see you again!

Phoenix D’Errico

Make Up Artist & Salon Coordinator // the Mermaidian

My name is Phoenix, I’ve been working as a qualified makeup artist for the past three years.

I now work as both a salon coordinator and makeup artist at Raw Edge.

I specialise in event makeup, but also enjoy doing session styling and editorial work or creative photo shoots! I have a strong background in customer service so I can help you with anything you need during your visit at our salon!

I love building strong client relationships and helping people move out of their comfort zone and trying something different!

I am at the salon full time from Tuesday to Saturday so come in and book your makeup!

Sofie McQueen

Salon Coordinator // the Class Clown

I’m Sof and I’m the first person to welcome you to Raw Edge and get you all set and comfortable for your appointment.

As you’re relaxing and waiting for our incredible hair stylists to complete your new look, I’ll be making sure that all your other needs are met. Coffee? Tea? Maybe a beer or wine? I can organise all of that for you.

Having worked in customer service my entire working life, I pride myself on taking the time to get to know each individual client. So you can expect to be greeted by name as soon as you walk through the doors. Not only will I be behind the desk scheduling appointments, rebooking you in and general house keeping duties you’ll also find me in the basin room washing your hair and treating you to a killer head massage. You’ll be asking yourself when you leave ‘geez what can’t that talented girl Sofie do?’ ha ha.

Whatever question you have, I’ll have an answer. I’m here to guide you through your appointment smoothly, without hitch.
Here at Raw Edge Hairdressing we like to maintain our high quality customer service and I intend to stick by that.

Don’t wait any longer, give us a call and I’ll be more than happy to book you in for your life changing hair cut that will keep you coming back in to see us all for years to come!

I’m full time from Monday to Saturday, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Charli Nekrep

Operations Manager // #2 Boss Bitch

I am Charli, the Girl Boss’s right-hand AKA Operations Manager, and am here to organise and support the team.

With my background in hairdressing, customer service and experience leading large teams, you can be confident that your hairdresser is well trained in the latest trends to keep you all up with the latest colour and cutting styles and are able to give you the right advice for your home hair care routine!

You will occasionally see me at the front desk to greet you on arrival, and see you out after the team have made you look and feel amazing. I will always make it my priority to make your complete visit from the moment you walk in the finest salon experience we can offer.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Briahna Telford

Salon Assistant // Sporty Spice

I am Briahna, and I am a casual Salon Assistant here at Raw Edge.

My day to day position is working with Caitlyn in her mentoring business, Summit Salon Coach, where I handle the visual design and administration tasks.

You will see me in the salon during peak times; usually evenings and Saturday’s, mostly , pretty much whenever the girls get run off their feet and need some support. My job is to handle the desk and assist the amazing team, so your hairstylist can focus solely on you, to work their magic and make you feel amazing!

I really look forward to meeting you soon and making you an amazing coffee, or pouring you a sneaky bubbly. Bri.

Caitlyn Menzel

Director // Girlboss

I am Caitlyn, the “alpha” and proud owner of Raw Edge Hairdressing. Although I am no longer a hairdresser, you will see me pop in from time to time to check on my dream team, and chat to our clients.

I have been in the trade since 2003, and I opened my amazing salon Raw Edge Hairdressing at the beginning of 2010. Our salon has been awarded locally and nationally, not only for hairdressing, but for our business achievements as well.

Nowadays I work full time in my other business Summit Salon Coach, mentoring and empowering young business women to grow their own salons, change their lives, and have the amazing support and team that I do.

My team of hairstylists are the best in the business, I know this, because I hand-picked them. They know their shit, they’re talented, and they will work with you to create a colour and style that reflects the real you. My hairstylists are highly skilled, well trained, experts of their trade, and they will make you feel just as amazing as you look when you leave Raw Edge Hairdressing.

Thank you so much for being a part of our salon, we absolutely love hanging out with you.